Part one.

My brother went missing two months ago. I got a phone call from the hospital to tell me to come because he was in bad shape, but when I got there, he was gone. Nobody would tell me anything. I was heavied out of the hospital by security, and I have been trying to find him ever since. I’m sorry if any of this is disjointed, but I’m trying to make it as clear as I can until I get the footage cleaned up and online.

A woman came to our apartment and knocked relentlessly until I answered, handing me a small package with a scrawled note. She wouldn’t say who she was, refused to answer anything, and just ran away. Obviously fucking confused, I opened the thing. My sense of relief when I realised it was footage from Brooks’ phone was brief because it holds some seriously fucked up shit. I promise I’m going to upload the audio and video to streaming sites, but I’ve transcribed it just in case it gets taken down.

“I don’t know how long I have left, so I’m getting this out as fast as I am able so you know what happens if you can’t get the treatment you need. I’m not a wealthy person, I live hand to mouth and so there was no way I was ever going to be that fortunate.  Sorry, I’m probably not being clear. I used one of those shady Russian skincare products posing as high quality stuff from Korea.”

He goes on to describe his surroundings:

“I’m currently in a filthy room that looks like it’s been hollowed out of concrete, kind of like a makeshift underground shelter maybe?  What I’m seeing is gory as fuck, I’m terrified. Sorry for the audio quality, I hope it’s usable. I don’t have a signal at all. There’s a lot of screaming going on and other inhuman noises as the rest of the ‘people’ around me go through the metamorphosis into what I can only describe as…fuck I don’t know HOW to describe it. Ohgod there’s a girl next to me and she’s pretty far along and her EYES JUST PUSHED OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS AND ARE DANGLING THERE STILL ATTACHED TO HER OPTIC NERVES FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SHE WON’T STOP SCREAMING”

“JesusSHITTINGFUCK I’m going to be si-”

He pukes at this point, he couldn’t even finish his sentence. When he talks again he’s sobbing and panicking, with more retching:

“Sorry, I just… name is Brooks Marin, and I’m from Camden City, New Jersey, twenty-eight years old, if you find what’s left of me, tell my brother Ben, please find him.  I am, or wasa guy into skincare because fucking puberty ruined me with acne, and honestly I’ll try anything to rid myself of it. I heard snail slime has ‘magical’ properties that can calm the angriest of skin down, but because I’m broke and couldn’t afford decent stuff, I had to go with that I could find. I’d heard about the mask disaster on the Internet I mean who hasn’t but FUCK, but I didn’t use a mask, it was MOISTURISER. I was using the stuff twice a day for a MONTH, and sure my acne fucked off but then this…this horrible peeling and green brownish skin started surfacing, and the pain in my head was unbearable. The pain didn’t hit me until the skin on my face fell off in strips of bloody mess. It started as surface peeling like sunburn, and then it just got worse until it started to tear and fall off. Ohgod it hurts so much..”

He talks about what happened in hospital:

“When I gurgled for help into my phone before passing out, I remember blurred lights and medics trying to talk to me but I was in so much pain I couldn’t respond. Outside of this concrete shit-bunker, I don’t know where I am right now. They moved me somewhere before my brother could even get to me, and it’s so COLD. We have to be underground ’cause where would somewhere like this be above ground?  There’s maybe two working lights in here, kind of like street lights after dark, but that’s it.”


“My face is wrapped up in gauze and it’s sore as fuck and it itches and I’m taking it off because I can’t breathe and I-”

He can barely talk out of fright, it’s more sobbing and whimpering noises breaking into sobs and his screaming, fuck, his screaming.


There’s another man in the audio, his tone utterly venomous yelling at him in Russian to shut the fuck up; there’s a lot of scuffling and then I have to listen as he brutally knocks my baby brother out. I am fucking ruined knowing this might be the last he saw of life. He later managed to take some video footage but it’s not very long because he wanted to preserve the battery on his phone.

“I don’t want to drain the battery too much, but I wanted you to see this – I can feel pressure building behind my eyes. My hair is rapidly falling out, my scalp pulsing slowly as if something is growing under my skin. The light in here is really shitty so I don’t know what you can see, but here, let me show you the others if you can see them, maybe someone can enhance this somehow? I’m so scared and asking for help gets you beaten, we’re all trapped and so fucked. I’m sorry for the sobbing but I’m so fucking scared, it’s hard to breathe and I don’t want to die.”

He switches back to audio, still terribly distressed as am I right now, I can’t believe this is real.

“I’m completely bald now. My scalp ruptured in several places and started coming off in chunks like my face did, but it’s weird and it doesn’t hurt and I don’t know why. Holding flaps of my own skin in my now discolouring hands is so fucked up, and the blood is almost jelly like. I can’t do video again but I’m taking selfies for you to look at, so you can see the fucking mess I’m in. I felt around my eyes and they’re already protruding more than they should be. My mollusc like skin is producing slime so they’re not drying out but fuck they are painful and sore. I don’t understand why they hurt and my scalp doesn’t, and I still have lips but they feel like fat chunks of slimy rubber. Ohgod..I just..”

There’s a bit of movement and muffled moaning here because he’s losing his teeth. The selfies he’s taken are brutal and grisly, but I have to look at them. We ALL need to look at them.

“Two of my teeth just fell out! My mouth is full of blood ohfuck fuck fuck fuck fuck don’t scream don’t scream don’t scream don’t scream..”

This is a little later after a break in the audio and he’s speaking so FAST it’s almost hard to understand him:

“My mouth is full of thickening blood and slime and every time I spit it out it comes back and my teeth are pushing out of my gums slowly and it feels like needles being forced through, and my hands, my FINGERS are shrinking and my nails are going black and…I just touched one and it slid off my finger..Oh my god. The girl who’s eyes flew out, she’s…she’s rubbing the rest of her skin against the concrete and it’s sloughing off with that jelly like blood, and the smell is… I can’t describe it. I know I said I wouldn’t video again but I have to for this you NEED to SEE IT!”

This footage is disgusting but I’ll do my best to describe it. It shows two previously unseen giant snail-like creatures, hideously deformed and oozing across the concrete to feed on the remnants of her skin. They have what remains of arms and legs but they are different sizes, shrinking into the body. Pulsing humps are growing on their backs, which presumably develop into shells later on maybe? The newly moulted female spits out the last of her bloodied teeth, falling forward onto her underbelly, her head and neck raised. She lets out a gurgled cry, and moves slowly over to the dim corner with the other giants.

I haven’t been able to find anyone trustworthy who can enhance this, if you think you can help me with that, PLEASE talk to me. I need help with this, I’m not very technologically minded. He goes back to audio again and then this:


The next recording doesn’t come up for over twelve hours. The last one was just him saying those three words and a lot of gut-wrenching sobbing. Do you have any idea what it’s like to listen to family go through the most horrific time of their life, scared and far away, crying for you and not being able to do anything about it? DO YOU?

What he describes next is unfathomable.  His speech is slurring but please, please listen:

“A…ohjesus.  If this is what we look like when we change I don’t want to be like this, I can’t be like this nononononono- it’s ghastly. It has to be at least six feet tall, its skin is dripping with blackened slime and chunks of dead human flesh, glistening under the orange light; its bloated gargantuan body rippling along the ground, as fat as it is tall. Its shell, is…transparent. I can see twisted and mangled organs in there, and pieces of human flesh, ohgod I can see body parts as if it feeds on..waitwait THERE’S AN ENTIRE PERSON IN THERE AND THEY’RE STILL ALIVE. It looks like they’re melting as if someone threw caustic soda all over them, their skin is red and bubbling and they’re trying to fight their way out but they’re clearly too weak fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

He vomits again but I really don’t know what he would have left in him.

“I think we feed on human flesh when we change, not just the skin but everything. Is that why we’re here? Are we food for those who have already mutated? Are we here to see if we survive the metamorphosis without being consumed? Oh my god there’s another one and it’s bigger, how can it be bigger pleaseno no no..”

He witnesses something truly hideous and it’s almost unintelligible but I’ll do my best to describe it because I’ve listened to it enough to figure out what he’s saying between the keening and retching. The two behemoth molluscs with their disgusting bloated forms appear to face off, one opening its mouth to let out a horrible kind of roaring, that blackened slime flying out of its mouth and into the face of the other. The smaller creature roars back and goes for the neck of the larger, clamping onto it somehow even though snails don’t have teeth right? It then sounds like the bigger one starts to thrash around, hurling the smaller one to smash it against the concrete like it was nothing. Their huge pulsating bodies writhe around one another until the larger one mounts the shell of the other and uses its underbelly to envelop and crush it, a mess of half digested organs and black slime spilling out onto the floor.  The now dying monster twitches and shudders to a repulsive death.

The alpha roars down at the fresh kill, slowly starting to gulp huge mouthfuls of flesh and decaying matter into its cavernous gullet, with revolting noises like a fat hog. It seems they have no issues with cannibalising themselves. One of the not-quite-fully-developed creatures from the corner slimes its way out, looking down at the mess on the floor. It turns away gradually towards the opposite wall, and starts to smash its own head off the cold concrete. It moans and gurgles until its gored head droops sideways, dripping black jelly having committed suicide.


His next words are desolate:

“My hands are sliming up, I don’t know how much longer I will be able to record because I won’t be able to use my phone because of the slime and everything hurts so much and I’m literally falling apart. So fucking tired I can’t…”

There is this sickening sound as one of his eyes finally pops out, and he can’t help but scream. I could hear those screams turn into bloodcurdling hoarse begging as I assume one of the heavily armed Russians stalks in and does something cruelly repulsive, because his voice turns to this slurred, broken, drooling version of his former self:

“He fed my eye to the others, he laughed and stomped on my hands, nails flying off everywhere. Don’t think I have many teeth left now, my other eye is going to come loose soon. Have writhed out of my clothes, won’t be needing them now. Skin is falling off me..”

The next part was the worst for me to hear because it’s just him coughing, retching, HOWLING in pain and begging me to come and find him, and I COULDN’T GET TO HIM AND I FUCKING TRIED. I TRIED.

“Tongue fell out…other eye dangling now..ohgodnononodon’t, no getawayfromme no NONOnoooo”

I think the alpha got close because I could hear the same slurping and hog-like groaning, but this time it sounded like it was in pain, like it hurt to do whatever it did.  Did it eat my brother, or is he still alive in that godforsaken state? I can’t believe this happened over a fucking MOISTURISER HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN, HOW?!

I’m sorry, I keep losing my fucking mind because I don’t know if he’s alive or not, and in what disposition, if he is. There was a letter with his phone. It wasn’t signed. The English is broken, but it’s not hard to understand. It reads:

“I am not like others here, I found his fone in his clothes and wanted to get word out. I not want to hurt people, am ashamed. Sorry. I travel far to bring this, please find brother. Sorry again. Tell everyone, no secrets.”

Whatever my brother is now, if he’s still alive? He’s not human. I need to put the footage online but it’s so dark and you know that people who are involved in this will just say it’s fake and will try and sweep it away. Maybe if I talk to the people who were lucky enough to get the right treatment, they’ll believe me, right?  My brother might be a giant-human eating-cannibalising fucking snail. Do they remember who they were? I mean, if he is still alive would he even remember me? The one that committed suicide makes me think they remember, and holyshittingfuck just WHY?

I called off work the last couple of days, sleeping isn’t happening ever again, and the idea of food makes me heave. It’s just after 03:00AM and the security door on the apartment block just slammed, and HARD. This building is flimsy as fuck and I can hear multiple people clomping their way up the stairs, with muffled male voices. They’re almost at my door and I think they’re here for me because why the fuck would they be in the building at this hour if they weren’t?

They’re pounding on the door now, and not even trying to be nice about it. They’re yelling at me in what I can only assume is Russian, and…ohfuckME they just shot someone. One of my neighbours I’m guessing because of course you’d open the fucking door if you heard this level of noise in your building, or maybe you wouldn’t? I don’t fucking know! There’s shrieking from other neighbours now, and they’re still braying on my door, I don’t think it will take much more because it’s so fucking flimsy.  They’re starting to punch through now, I don’t think I have long left before they get to me.

I’ve uploaded the unprocessed footage to Google Drive, and have sent the details to another person who I’m not going to name, because after seeing what I’ve seen, I KNEW this would happen. Look out for it online, and if you find it, please, please replicate it. Don’t let them censor it. Those gigantic snails aren’t the cute little things you see outside on leaves.