It starts with a hand at the nape of your neck. That hand rests there for a while, perhaps letting a thumb gently move over the curve, just enough to make you jolt slightly. Maybe your teeth drag over your lower lip, your eyes rolling back in your head.

You feel fingernails dancing about in lazy, s w i r l i n g circles that inch slowly upward toward the base of your skull, that soft, sensitive part that can make you dissolve into a puddle of moans. Those nails press a little harder, spreading out to send tiny n e e d l e s of pleasure over the contour of your scalp, before closing inward to crawl a little further up.

The skin over your shoulders and torso starts to rise up, trickling slowly downward to your belly and legs; every. Single. Hair. Standing bolt upright. Your breath rises, shuddering. Your back arches and you’re unable to keep from writhing in your seat. Those nails reach the crown of your head, tousling your hair in the same lazy way they did searching their way up and over your neck..

Shivers wave through you uncontrollably, your breath quickening to the point where you feel dizzy, those fingers tracing their way over your crown, teasing you like a stringed marionette..

..low moans escape your parted lips, and the gentle hand turns into a balled fist, tugging firmly upward, sending those shivering needles cascading straight through your core, settling between your legs.

Remember to breathe.