Age: Twenty-seven years old.

Height: 5’ tall.

Appearance: Bi-racial cis woman of Indian and white British heritage. Petite build (UK size eight). Short cropped thick black messy/spiked hair. Huge eyes, plump lips, heart shaped face. Long thick eyelashes and dark brows. Mid brown skin tone.  Minimal makeup. Preppy humanitarian type.

Personality: Introverted character, mostly submissive and softly spoken, but definitely not a pushover. Dark sense of humour.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Location: Born in Manchester but lives in Kentish Town with Lucie.

Interests: Japanese horror, books, books, and more books, also reads terrible Dr Who fanfic. Works for a publishing house.


Age: Thirty years old.

Height: 5’7″ tall.

Appearance: White, Scottish (from Tobermory) cis woman. Full hourglass figure, (UK size sixteen). Extremely pale, slightly rosy cheeks. Thick layered mid back length jet black hair, with fire engine red chunky highlights.  Pale grey eyes, full lips, round face, heavily tattooed, lots of piercings (snakebite, medusa, eyebrow, nose, septum, tongue, ears). Tends to wear black wingtip eyeliner, and varying shades of red lipstick.

Personality: Confident, dominant, sarcastic, protective. Rockabilly goth type.

Orientation: Pansexual.

Location: Lives with Emma in Kentish Town, moved to London to work as a body artist.

Interests: Body art, obscure horror fiction, fine art, and feminism, bladed weapons. Very handy with throwing knives.


Age: Twenty-nine years old.

Height: 6’ tall.

Appearance: White, British cis man.  Athletic slim frame, clean shaven, red wavy hair, close cropped. Heavily freckled fair skin, olive green eyes, sharp, angular features, executive style dress.

Personality:  Assertive type, total wanksock. Well spoken British accent.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Location: Not applicable.

Interests: Self satisfaction, cricket, squash, and cars. Reads questionable content on the deep web.  Corporate junior executive.


Age: Sixty-one years old.

Height: 5’11”

Appearance: White, American cis man. Bald, clean-shaven, red mottled skin, heavy-set stocky build, hazel eyes, always dressed for the lab.

Personality:  Highly intelligent, calm demeanour, often mistaken for being kind due to his gentle spoken voice. Sees people as experiments and not human beings. Cold, calculated, ruthless. Seemingly humourless.  Complete bastard, always reeks of surgical soap.

Orientation: Sexually inactive, but heterosexual.

Location: Lived onsite at the Public Health Facility, of which he was in charge.

Interests: His interests are entirely based within the facility.


Age: Forty-two years old.

Height: 5’9″ tall.

Appearance: Afro-latina cis woman. Shoulder length 3C hair, dark brown with gold highlights. Deep set caramel coloured eyes, mocha skin, full pronounced lips, cleft chin, square jaw. Muscular hourglass body type, UK size 14. Professional dress style.

Personality: Quietly confident, assertive, highly compassionate, work focused.

Orientation: Lesbian.

Location: Islington.  Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in The Bronx, later emigrating to the U.K with her father at the age of thirteen, after the death of her mother.

Interests:  Sci-fi, gaming, MMA. Will probably maul you if you interrupt her playing Ingress before her coffee kicks in.


Age: Nineteen years old.

Height: 5’4″ tall.

Appearance: White cis man, Serbian. Short dark hair, shaved on one side, longer on top. Translucently pale, with baby blue eyes, slender stature.

Personality: Shy, gentle. Lacks confidence around people, might be heard singing to himself when he thinks he’s alone (yes he can sing), mostly old Serbian lullabies. Very kind when he feels safe around someone, cautiously timid until he feels he can trust. Profoundly submissive. Fled Serbia alone at seventeen after being bullied for being gay. Raised in an abusive home, leaving him psychologically traumatised.  Jack is not his given name, it’s one he chose for himself as a male escort. Surname unknown.

Orientation: Gay.

Location: Public health facility.

Interests: Singing to himself and making lists in his journal (anxiety buster), slightly embarrassed about others which he keeps to himself.


Age: Twenty-nine years old.

Height: 6’2″ tall.

Appearance: Northern Irish white cis man. Black hair, pale skinned, ice blue eyes, good looking square jawed type. Broad muscular build.

Personality: Quiet, firm, naturally dominant without being overbearing. Ex military working in the private sector, and tight lipped about those experiences. Sided with Emma during conflict.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Location: Public Health Facility, originally hired by Milton for nefarious purposes, which never panned out.

Interests: Largely unknown to date. Spends more time in the gym than he does asleep.


Age: Thirty-eight years old.

Height: 6’ tall.

Appearance: Italian trans woman. Gigantic long curly platinum blonde hair with a royal blue streak on one side, piercing green eyes, slender waifish frame, diamond shaped face. Delicate facial features. Well polished and perfectly made up. Professionally presented in lab clothes, wears thick rectangular nerd frame glasses.  Twelve minutes younger than her dizygotic twin, Anna.

Personality: High energy, fiercely dedicated and extroverted. Speaks very quickly when stressed out which can make her hard to understand with her thick Italian accent, but keeps a cool head in a crisis situation. Will often talk to herself in her native tongue whilst working. Deeply compassionate and humanitarian, prone to eccentricities.

Orientation: Lesbian.

Location: Public Health Facility, living onsite. She and her sister are Dr. Milton’s replacement after the incident with the Taliones. Originally from Milan.

Interests: Obsessed with bees, Pokemon Go, and Unreal Tournament. Takes off on a mountain bike in the Peak District when time permits.


Age: Thirty-eight years old.

Height: 6’ tall.

Appearance: Italian cis woman. Shaved head with a neon pink mohawk, and a septum piercing. Slender waifish frame, diamond shaped face. Delicate facial features. Does not wear make-up, unlike her dizygotic twin, Katerina, but they both sport the same rectangular nerd frames.  Presented in lab clothes, paraplegic due to complications during birth. Twelve minutes older than her sister.

Personality: Does not have the same high energy as her twin, however she is prone to bursts of excitement when her work produces something significant. Also talks to herself in her native tongue when working. Similar compassion to her twin, however has a propensity for being more mercenary when she feels it’s required which can make her appear cold at times. Mildly autistic, dislikes being touched.

Orientation: Asexual.

Location: Public Health Facility, living onsite. She is along with her sister, the replacement for Dr. Milton. They refuse to work separately, and come as a working unit. Originally from Milan.

Interests:  Ingress, swarm theory, and Unreal Tournament, along with modifying her wheelchair to be the baddest thing on two wheels.


Age: Thirty-two years old.

Height: 5’8″ tall.

Appearance: Black British cis man. Black hair, waves and low fade cut. Muscular mesomorph type, clean shaven, amber coloured eyes, square jawed with generous lips. Tragus piercing in both ears. Smart casual dress, has a smile that will floor even the toughest heart.

Personality: Reserved but observant type. Eidetic memory, highly skilled data architect and programmer, which people often assume makes him socially awkward when he is in fact, anything but. Once he takes to you, he is warm and sincere, has an infectious laugh and jovially sarcastic sense of humour.  Politically socialist and incredibly vocal about it in the right company.  Revealed to be the informant between the facility and DCI Valentina Cavallero after he saw things he couldn’t keep to himself in good conscience.

Orientation: Bi-sexual.

Location: Public Health Facility, living onsite as director of IT. Originally from Leeds.

Interests:  Lives and breathes technology, complete Trekkie and Star Wars fanboy. Is probably the only person onsite that spends as much time in the gym as Tom Edwards. Cultivates rare orchids when he’s not glued to a computer or the gym.