How many of us truly notice ads for new beauty products anymore? It seems that like toothpaste, a new and improved formula using an obscure substance is released every other week, with promises to revitalise youth and reduce wrinkles etc. My boyfriend, being the lovable but slightly-obsessed-with-his-appearance-fellow that he is, was messing about online and … Read moreNewSkin

PARASITE: Taliones

Link to part one. PUBLIC HEALTH REPORT: INTERNAL EYES ONLY. JUNE 2nd 2017 Dr. John Milton (Transcribed). Studies continue to be informative, if not uhh..explosive. Thankfully we have our subjects contained inside pods, to minimise any resulting fallout. We haven’t been at a loss for willing subjects, it’s amazing what the threat of an incredibly … Read morePARASITE: Taliones


Part two. You know those really popular snail jelly sheet masks from Korea that are all the rage right now? If you’re into advanced skin care, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Depending on where you are in the world, depends on how easy they are to get your hands on, and that also depends … Read moreSNAILS